Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No TV Week

Yesterday, Brendan came home with the idea that we couldn't watch TV this and that he was going to win a big prize if he didn't. Each day he needs to go back to school with a slip saying what he did instead of TV. Well, I have to admit that's a hard one at our house. There is usually two tellies on at all time in this house. BAD habit. but I am proud to say that the boys didn't watch any tv today. That also might that mommy needed to come up with some new things for them to do. We played outdoor in this awesome 70 degree weather that we have right now, then we would come inside and play with legos, then go back outside....You get the picture. Well I found this book of directions of how to draw different animals, so I made Brendan sit down and start drawing. He amazes me, I don't think I could draw this good. Way to Go Brendan!!!!!