Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Did you know....

...that a 20 month old knows more about a computer than his mommy. Or at least knows how to screw up his mommy's computer. I was busy doing the usually stuff this morning, when I decided to take a minute and check my emails. I couldn't believe it...it was like someone had turned my computer screen upside down. As I am writing this, all the words are upside down and backwards. Mike will have to figure out how to change it....it's fustrating to use the mouse completely backward. Anyway I took a few pics, but I don't know if they will show up all that well. I'm thinking the terrible twos are just beginning...

While I was uploading the photos, Mike just called me and we fixed it. Yeah!!!! So if you ever want to be a trick on someone, press ALT+CTRL+(the up arrow) and the screen and the mouse functions will be upside down.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Brendan praying at Grandparent's Day

Last Days of Soccer

Soccer is finished for the year. Brendan had so much fun playing and learning more about the sport. It amazes me how much he improved over the season. I remember the first game, where he would go in circles on the field trying to beat the other to the end of the field. He could have cared less about who had the ball. And there were games towards the end of the season that I think Brendan want to defend the goal the whole time, playing a lot of defense. Overall, he did a great job and we are very proud of him!!!!

They didn't win every game and Brendan definitely didn't score the most goals, but he had fun and that's what it's all about...having fun.

guarding the goal
taking a break
figuring out where to kick the ball.

the team showing off their metal.

...until next year.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

On our way home from church this morning, we passed Big Boy, standing on the corner, waving to us. Which led to the following conversation

Brendan: "Mom, how do people make different people?'
Me: "God actually makes people different." (I really didn't know how much to say, can he really be asking about this already.)

Brendan: "No mom, how do they make people like Big Boy?"
Me: " That's just a costume like you would wear at Halloween."

Brendan: "Oh"

Then Mike laughs, and says to me "Here we're thinking he asking about the facts of life, not how they make Big Boy."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today's Adventure: Children's Museum

After an early morning of the boys fighting with each, chasing each other around the house, and lots of crying. I decided that they needed to get out of the house. Well, I founf it hard to ship them outside with it raining. Mid morning I packed all the boys in the car and headed to the GR Children's Museum. I really wanted to take the boys to see the Bob the Builder Project: Build it exhibit anyway. I think they had some fun and it was nice to see them playing together without the fighting and teasing.

We ending up because Connor was getting tired and starting throwing everything in sight on the floor. That's the first time I took the boys to the museum and now I wish I would have done it sooner.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Star of the Week

Brendan was the last kid in his kindergarten class to be "Star of the Week". He was so excited to being home the "homework" so that the whole class could know more about him.

His Favorite Foods: Oreos, Milk, Pizza, Chez-it's, and Green Beans

His least favorite Food: Broccoli

His Favorite things to do: Ride his bike, Run, Talk Fast, & Soccer

Things that make him Happy: School & Summer

Things that make him sad: When he's sick, & When he can't go to school

Favorite color: Red
Favorite Tv Show: How it's Made
Favorit Bible Story: When Jesus dies on the cross
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorit Book: Bible

This morning I had to go to the classroom and read a story to the kids and bring a snack that started with the Letter of the Week, "w".
Brendan had picked out the book "How do Dinosaurs eat their Food?" The kids really seemedto like that book and then for a snack I made and decorated cookies that looked like watermelons. The other boys (austin, lucas and & connor) thought it was fun going to Brendan's class.

Mom and Dad are so proud of you, Brendan.

Two Months behind schedule

I finally got around to taking Austin and Lucas' 4 year olds. Here are the results. They actually wanted to have their picture taken today...that doesn't happened so enough. I guess I picked a good day.