Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is February 14....

the day of  LOVE.

This afternoon I spontaneously thought it would be fun for  us to have a special Valentine's Day dinner together.  So I made the boys' favorite foods - homemade Chicken fingers, corn on the cob, potatoes, & cherry fluff.  Then I added a few more things - jell-o in the shape of hearts and cupcakes.  I won't kid you it was lots of work, but it was all worth when Brendan thanked me to all my hard work putting a great supper together.

I made the boys place cards with a few left over pictures I had from their valentines.

 I hope everyone else had as wonderful day as I did. 
 I am so blessed and grateful for Mike and the boys and the love they show me each day.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

not liking it.

Remember this post where I asked for your help in deciding what color to paint our lockers?

Well I took your advise to paint it brown....

I HATE IT!!!!!

in fact I dislike it so much I won't even take pictures.  I told the boys to put their junk that in it and I shut the door to the laundry room.  I am really having a hard time with this and that's not typical for me.  I actually started a different project in the house and really want to forgot about it.

So now I need more ideas.  I have orange paint on the walls in my laundry room and the adjacent hall way is kind of a golden brown color (it's actually color OLD GOLD)  The walls inside the closet that the lockers are in are a tan color and I really don't want to change that, so I will need to work with that.

I'm pounding out my frustrations with my newest project....

so proud

A few of you already know about a month I started going to weight watchers meetings.  The day that worked best for me was Wednesday, but that also means that Connor has to come with me cause he's not in school.  To keep him entertained during the meeting he's been taking his leapster with and it works really well especially now that I got him his own headphones.

After the second meeting, Connor thought his leapster was dirty and decided to wash it.  Which in itself wasn't a bad idea, except in the mind of a four year old, washing something means getting the sink full of soapy water and putting the leapster into that sink.   Well that also meant that this mommy had to drop a few coins to get him another one.  and with a new leapster came the idea for this very handsome messenger style bag to put it in.

Connor LOVES it, to say the least.  He didn't let it go for the first few days.  He still is so proud of this little bag and the fact that he got to pick out the guitar fabric.  

Bird houses

What's the best when to past a snow day when your kids won't play in the snow for more than 20 minutes?


I am so proud of myself, cause I was actually prepared.  I had purchased for $1 birdhouses for the boys to paint when I was at Joann's a few days before the blizzard.  

The finished projects, don't they look great!!!!!  Now I need to figure out what to do with them.

Snowed in

I'm finally catching up on my blog.  The last week has been filled with lots of snow, wet boots and gloves, hot cocoa, and home repairs.  Last week, the predicted blizzard of 2011 hit West Michigan and dropped 16 inches of snow in our neck of the woods.  The boys were so excited because that meant there was no school for them.  

 Brendan and Austin as they attempt to clear the drift by the front door...there were actually bare spot in the lawn where the snow had all blown away...I guess this is where is ended up.
 The drift at the back door...thankfully it left move for us to get in and out.
 The boys loved all the huge piles of snow that are all over the yard.  Mike had to get the loader from the farm to clear the driveway cause his truck got stuck three times.

 Connor all ready to sled down the drift.  He loves his new scarf that Grandma VD made him.
 What completes a couple hours, I mean minutes of playing in the snow?

....a delicious cup of hot cocoa.  

 I even let them use all my favorite mugs.
 and of course you need lots and lots of marshmallows with your hot cocoa

Oh to be a kid again and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.