Friday, July 30, 2010

POTD - 7.30

treasured items from my grandpa and grama geerlings

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping: the beach and swimming

The boys and their cousins spent lots of time in the water while we were camping; that's one of their favorites things about camping at Gun Lake (mine too, cause the lake is so shallow.)    Here's a few more pictures of the time we spent a the beach and in the water.



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm in Love...

with my newest toy; the cricut


POTD - 7.28

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

POTD - 7.27

Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping: Fishing

Fishing and Camping go hand in hand.  So while I was packed our trailer and few weeks back I had to buy some extra fishing poles, which actually both broke both their first would have been easier for me to throw 25 bucks down the toilet.

Anyway, on Thursday morning last week, there was a fishing derby at the lake.  Brendan was soooo excited about much so that he was convinced that he was going to win the derby by catching the most fish.  So we headed over to the channel and the fish were waiting for us.  They were patiently waiting for all those worms and hotdogs that a bunch of "know nothing about fishing" parents are putting bait of hooks.

Brendan thought that fishing off the dock would be the best...Mike and the other boys stayed on land and before we knew it, Austin caught his 1st fish, and then another and another. A little bit later Connor had one on his hook, and Austin was reeling in another.  Soon Lucas was loosing interest, so I had Mike help him get a fish on his hook...Brendan still haven't caught one so he moved over by us.

By the end of the derby, Austin had caught 12, Connor 2, Lucas 1, and Brendan 0.  There was a very unhappy big brother at our campsite, especially when Austin came back with his big box of candy because he was on of the top 5 fisherman.


during the middle of our fishing, these adorable little ducklings came by the cute!!!


Camping: Boat Rides and Tubing

This past week, we joined my in-laws camping at Gun Lake. Grandpa's boss has a cottage at Gun Lake and seeing how it wasn't there this week, Grandpa was able to use his pontoon boat.  The boys were so excited to ride of the boat,  but Grandpa's surprise made it even better.  He was able to use the boss's tube as well and pulled the boys and Morgan (and later Dylan) around the lake.

the boys and Morgan goofy off with Grandpa Leon

Connor was excited for the boat ride

Connor fighting off the pirates with his water gun.

Austin and Luc looking cool with their shades.

Brendan waiting patiently for his turn on the tube.

Uncle Ryan and Morgan

Austin, Connor, and Lucas

Austin, Morgan and Brendan

Austin on the second day tubing

Smiley Luc

Dylan and Connor after their ride on the tube. (Kelli went with them)

He looks so innocent....

their last ride on the tube...the majority of the ride they were huddled inside the tube and it looked like Grandpa was pulling an empty tube around.  Good Times. :)

Thanks Grandpa!!!!  (and grandpa's boss)

more posts to come on our camping trip.