Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad Guy Eater 3000

Brendan has gotten into building what he calls tranformers lately and he always comes up with some crazy name to go along with it.
Here's the latest....Bad Guy Eater 3000.

Were does he come up with this stuff?

Plan B

This past Saturday we had big plan to take the 3 oldest to a Griffin's hockey game. They had expressed interest in the hockey game after Mike and I went to a Red Wing's game a few week ago. Mike and I had five tickets that weren't for any game in particular so we thought we could go to the ticket counter before the game and get some tickets. Well.....we got to the arena on Saturday and the game was sold out. Now the question, how do you tell three boys ages 6, 4, and 4 that the tickets are sold out and we can't got to the game. AND how do you get rid of the feeling that you just throw a 10 dollar bill down the drain for parking?

Plan B needed to take affect on Satuday night.....Chuck E Cheese. Yes, Mike traded in his night of hockey for a family night at Chuck E Cheese.

I can't say that my boys were really into the games. They liked the rides. The twins pretty much liked two games...the egg counter game and the excavator game, which I would sum up as a slot machine. Brendan liked a few more games, but I think may be it's the age different.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stopped in my Tracks

Ok I admit I've been one those who has been complaining alot of how long winter has been. I really would like spring to be here NOW!!! But this morning when I got up, God changed my thoughts and had me thinking how beautiful and pure white clean it looked this morning. It made me stop in my tracks and realize that maybe I have been complaining too much...I need to appreciate the beauty in every thing that God has made. At least Mr. Sunny is out and shining.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Like Moths swarm a Light.... kiddos swarm the computer. Luckly so far there haven't been any fights....I told the twins they need to be 6 yrs old to play on the computer. We'll see how long that last....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Aniversary to Us!

Yesterday was our 8th Anniversary. He surprised me with flowers on Saturday afternoon; 8 red roses for the 8 years we've been married and 4 orange Gerbers for our four precious boys.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This one's for Nicole

This blog is long over due. I have had my Uppercase Living items up for some time now, but just didn't get the pics taken and posted.
This one is in my bathroom.

Here's my front door.

This was a freebie and I didn't really know where to put it, so I stuck it on a frame and hung it in the kitchen.

I put this one in the hallway that leds to Brendan's and Austin/Lucas' Rooms.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's my birthday, but I'm not feeling so well.

Happy 4th Birthday Austin and Lucas!!!!!!
Today is actually the twin's birthday, but they weren't feeling all that great. We have had a rough week here; fevers, throw up, coughs, runny noses, chills, and then more fevers.

Boys, mommy and daddy hope you feel better soon. We Love You so Much! Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Super Bunny????

I have no clue where the boys came up with this. For the past month or so, the boys keep asking me to tie blankets around their necks, so they can play Super Bunny AKA superman. The only problem is that they step on each other's blankets and I have to keep tying them on.

So I got crafty (with Jamie's help) and made the twins capes that they can put on themselves.

(sorry about the nose picking, it's the only pic I got)

4th Birthday Party

This past Sunday we started the birthday week celebration for Lucas and Austin's 4th birthday. We had Grandpa & Grandma Geerlings and Grandma Van Dam over for a party. (Grandpa Van Dam was sick. We hope you feel better soon!!!)

Austin wanted to have Mouse Cupcakes for his birthday....not a cake.

The twins got Diego and Dora games, Dr Seuss books and stuffed animals, games for the trip to Florida and bikes. Mommy also made them capes....or as Lucas and Austin say 'Super Bunny' I have no clue where they came up with that.