Friday, October 31, 2008

Howdy Partners!!!!

Happy Halloween
from the four cowboys!!!

I hope to have more pictures coming soon.
(And no I didn't make the costumes)

Fields of Sunflowers and Pumpkins

I had some creative fun today. I decorated some cupcakes for the Family Fun Night at church. It was tons of fun to express my creative side into something other than the bags and purses.

I absolutely love how the sunflower cupcakes turned.

Lucas as Special Person of the Day

This past Thursday, Lucas was the Special Person of the Day at Preschool.
He loves Preschool so much.
Lucas with his teacher, Mrs. Deppe. He absolutely loves his teacher - her word is GOLD.

Lucas and his class enjoying a snack of Goldfish crackers and Apple Juice.

Lucas writing his name. Great Job, buddy!!!!!
Lucas with Tembo

I just loved his smile on this picture!!!

Lucas dressing the weather Bear. He put a pink sweater, pair of jeans, brown boots and a watch on the bear.
Lucas sitting in Mrs. Deppe's chair with the weather bear.
I think this one's ready for school too....if school means playing in the sandbox all day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Park Party

This past Saturday, October 18, Ross and Karin invited us to the Forsgren's family park for some food, fun, and fellowship. It was a beautiful day, great for the kids to play and run around.

We had a great potluck of sorts with burgers and hotdogs. The food was all so delicious.

The night was event filled with a hayride, and a candy hunt, instead of the pinata we had last year. (We didn't want anyone getting hit in the face again from the bat. Brendan sported a large bump on his head from it for a while.) Of course the night couldn't have been complete with out a bonfire and marshmellows, which I think more marshmellows were eaten straight for the package than those that got roasted on a stick. Either way it was great to have friends and family together.

Thanks Ross and Karin!!!!

The boys enjoying their hotdogs, cheese curls, and watermelon.

Elliot going down the slide.
Connor loving his ride on the teeter totter
Alaina and Elliot on the swings
Seth on the swings (sorry the picture's so fuzzy)
Clay showing off his big smile

Lucas riding the seesaw
Austin goofing off on the seesaw.
Connor making his way to the top of the slideThe slide was too fast for Connor, as he's about to do a face plant in the grass.
Ethan climbing to the top of the slide

Ross and EthanKathy with Alaina and SethMike and Connor

Lucas waving bye to me as he leaves on the hayride.

Which One do you like better?

It's time to start thinking about Christmas Cards.
I know, I know, it's still early but I need your help.
Which one do you like better for my Christmas Card photo?

Photo 1
Photo 2

Picasso with the terrible 2s

Where do I even was a stressful for me this past week with my business trying to meet deadlines, that this didn't really faze me. On Friday, Mike came home from work and found Connor writing on the walls and not just one wall; every blank wall in the living room and front entry had maker on and gray marker. So what makes a kid think that it is OK to write on the walls. I don't know, but I have a feeling that the house will need to be repainted in a few years, but first the kids need to grow out of this.

Connor standing by his last Picasso. I'm not sure if he's crying because Mike discplined him of because I made him take a picture with his artwork.
He even draw some on his face!!!! I wonder if that's worth anything?

Self Serve

None of my kids need me anymore to get them breakfast in the morning. Yesterday morning, I found Connor in the kitchen, with the box of Frosted Flakes, an empty gallon of Milk, a bowl filled with Milk and a few Frosted Flakes, a mess all over the counter, chair, and floor, and a smile from ear to ear. He finally figure out how to get his own breakfast.

a little bit of cereal with his bowl of Milk.
Enjoying every bite to the fullest

Mr. Lima Bean has seen better days

A few weeks ago, Brendan was excited that he got to take home his Lima Bean plant aka Mr Lima. It was a plant that they planted in school and watched them grow for a while and then took home. At first Mr Lima did quite well at home. He was even getting bigger and I had to start staking him so he wasn't all over the counter. I tried water him daily and get him a dose of Vitamin D aka Mr Sunny. That's when we started to have a problem. You see I put the Mr Lima on the floor by the slider door for an afternoon of sun soaking, and then I forgot about it, until it was too late. Connor got a hold of Mr Lima and unplanted it. Brendan went completely mad and started yell and crying at the same time. I think he was really proud of his plant.

I try to replant it, but only one of the plants were able to even get planted and from there on out everything has gone down hill, fast. Mr Lima is now begining to look a little sick and I don't think he is going to make it. It will be a sad day here at the Van Dam house when we have to throw out Mr Lima.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


...after playing with the Dieleman's & Jelsma's on Satuday night.