Friday, October 10, 2008

Special Person of the Day

Yesterday was Austin's special Person of the Day in Preschool. There are special thng they get to do on that day. Starting with bring Tembo the Elephant back to school. We had Tembo since Tuesday and only had one fight between Austin and Lucas, I thought that was good.
When Austin got to school he had to dress the Weather Bear, basically a Build-A-Bear type of bear with lots of different clothes they can dress the bear depending on the weather. Austin decided the bear needed his rain coat, hat and boots....go figure on the nicest day in October so far. Other things Austin got to do was being line leader, sit on the heart rug, and bring snack, which was popcorn and apple juice, yummy!!!

Austin showing me the Weather Bear Austin with Tembo the Elephant.
Austin with his teacher, Mrs Deppe.
Austin writing his name. Great Job buddy!!!!!
Austin enjoying his popcorn and apple juice

Austin playing on the playground.