Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1 year later...

Today marked one year since I started weight watchers.  I haven't talked much about this...maybe not at all.  Now I'm going to get an little vulnerable for a few minutes.  This whole lifestyle thing started the summer of 2010 and we were camping.  Mike had gone home for the night and I settled into my "bedroom" to read before falling asleep.  I was horrified when I looked into the mirror on the closet doors and I looked like a beached whale lying there.  I got sick to my stomach...I always knew I was heavier but I really thought I was that fat.

It took me about 6 months before I actually got serious about losing.  I finally walked into a weight watchers center on Jan 12 2011.  I was scared...scared to see how high my weight had gotten.  It was bad.  After that first meeting, my thoughts were if I could use 35lbs or even 50lbs I would be happy.  I always had in my head that I was always going to be heavy.  I would never to skinny...I would always be plus size.  

Slowly but steadily the weight came off.  I stopped drinking soft drinks altogether and started getting on the treadmill a couple times a week...even though it wasn't very long.  Before I knew it those first 25lb, then 50lbs came off...I was so excited.

Today, one year later I am 90+lbs lighter and feel wonderful.  Am I done?  No, not yet.  I have some more to loss and hope to get to my goal weight by this time next year.  

Here are a few pictures from the past year.  I never liked pictures taken of me and really still don't so there aren't many pictures.

Before Picture: My dad and I at Barothy Lodge
Before Picture: Christmas 2010
Before Picture: at Barothy Lodge December 2010

March 2011: Mike and I at a Red Wings Game
25 pounds lost
May 2011:  I was in my dad's plane for the first time
50 pounds lost

on a field trip in May 2011

June 2011
60 pounds lost

Nov 2011  Celebrated 80 pounds off by having my ear pierced

Dec 2011: Griffin's game with my family
90 pounds lost

New Year's Eve with my best gals.   Thank you all for being there throughout this past year.

Today this is what i look like...

with my jeans from when I started my journey

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Killing two birds with one stone

Thursdays are Connor's day home from school and we were bored.  He wanted to play a game and I wanted to play around with my camera and here's what we did...

...played Jenga.

peeking through the blocks

 our tallest tower
 Connor wanted to be behind the camera
 and of course Spottie had to be in a couple shots

 Spottie on top of the tower

~Fun Times!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's eve Party

Last night we brought in the New Year with the best group of people.  We started the with a seat down dinner...something we don't usually have with our bunch of kids (17 total). 

 After dinner we started a friendly competition with a bunch of Minute to Win it games. We did the games as a couple; if both completed the task in 1 minute they scored 2 pts, if one completed the task one point was earned and of course if no one completed the task a big fat O.

We also played a great game of Jeoprady with Josh as Alex Trebek.

 more candelier

 more reindeer nosedrive

 more Chocolate Unicorn

 more a bit dicey
 more Movin' on Up
 more Chocolate Unicorn

 Tim thought it would work better to smash the ding dongs in his forehead, the only thing did was make a chocolaty mess.

At the end of four rounds, the points were tied between us and Tim and Nat.  So it was decided that we had to have a tie breaker with the candelier, which remember the Jelsema's already did.  

 in the end Tim and Nat won the prize...a gift card to TGIF

 Toasting to the New Year.  
Here's to a great 2012!!!!