Monday, May 31, 2010

DYI Wall Art

About 2-3 weeks ago, I somehow got onto a bunch of blogs, where the bloggers were very crafty; making things, re-finishing them, just do things to update their homes for cheap.  I am was thrilled,  I am all about cheap, but still need to have items that have class and look like it's store boughten.  

Well, I came across this blog, and found this really cool art piece 

that she made for her kiddo's playroom and thought I can make that too.  So I went out a few days later, to get the supplies I needed.  I got black spray paint, which is now going to become a staple in my craft room, and a 10x20 canvas.  I had a hard time finding some foam letter stencils, so I searched the web for those and find these.  and the orange paint I dug up from my paint supply in the basement.


And then the fun part began, see the art transform...of course it took some patience letting the paint dry in between coats.

my naked canvas

first step:  painting it orange.  Yes I know it's bright, but just wait, it looks better after the next coat.

Second step:  spraying the black paint on. ( Note to self:  next time do it outside, so you don't leave a "you can see me but I'm there" black fume over the entire kitchen floor.  I only noticed in because the kiddos feet were blacker than usual. )  Let paint dry.  


Then remember the awful orange, it pops through the black when I lightly sanded it.  
I bet now you're lovin' it. :P

Third step: stenciling.  Before you actually get paint on the stencils, make sure you lay them out on your canvas.  Because of my canvas size and the size of the stencils, you will soon see that my art wall isn't the same as my inspiration, just similar.  Play around with the letters.  Once you figured that out, then it's time to get paint on the stencils.  Do what best for you,  I liked to dip the stencils in some paint on a paper plate, but maybe you would prefer to brush some paint on the stencils with a paintbrush.  


and some more stenciling.

Fourth Step:  Admire your work while it dries.  I absolutely love it.  I did distress it a little bit more once the letters dried.  It will be prefect in my boy's growup playroom.