Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Fun

Today we took the boys to Boulder Ridge...a wild animal park that was just 3 miles down the road.  The boys were so excited when we pulled in the driveway. 

The first animal we just had to see was the zebras...I would say that was my favorite part of the whole park.  They had two brand new baby zebras that were born two nights ago; so cute!!!  After a few pictures with the zebras we headed into the park 

The park just opened to the public at the end of July so it was all so new.  It was so neat to see the animal pens.  Here's the porcupine taking a nap in the log.

 Next we headed into the reptile house...not my favorite.  I can't held snakes that send shivers up and down my spine....can't handle it.

 The macaw's were a colorful surprise in the reptile house...they even put on a small fight for us. :)

Next's was the petting zoo area...we could touch and feed the animals; goats, baby wildebeest, baby bison, baby zebu(it's looked just like a baby Jersey cow), baby zebra, chicks and the parakeets.  
So much fun!!!!

We saw a few more animals before going on the Safari Ride to see the larger animals (which I really didn't get any pictures of, sorry)

Then we went back to the zebras and this is what we saw...I guess it was time to go. :)  It was a great day and I would highly recommend you stopping by Boulder Ridge.  
Happy Monday!!!!! 

Friday, September 2, 2011


Mr. Smiley is what we should call you.  You smile so easily.  Love you, buddy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Austin, Austin, Austin why do you need to be so difficult when I want to take your pictures.  Is it because you were tired from a long day a school?  or maybe because you don't like to smile?  or maybe because you're way too make like your dad.  I will always love you even if you don't like pictures.