Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas very busy - 
filled with friends, family, food and gifts.  
The boys were spoiled. 
 We spent lots of time with family.
We went Christmas Caroling with friends.
We feel so blessed.

RC cars,
 more books,

and more books
Detroit Tigers tshirt
movies, opened by the wrong person
more RC cars
and one very surprise boy....
who got his very own Red Ryder.
Red Wings tshirt
stockings filled with candy, chapstick, lotion, pencils, an ornament, and much more
new pj pant and DCS shirts,
and crazy socks for wacky sock day at school
presents from the brothers
more stockings
flashlights for dad
and a red dinosaur for Mike
and last but not least a pic of me (because I'm trying harder to put myself in posts)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Eleven years ago, I became a mom for the first time. 
Scary but exciting.  
Some many unknown
Lots of trial and error.
 Over those 11 years, I have grown to love this young man
yes, we have had many conflicts.
we don't always see eye to eye
but I love him every moment of every day.

Happy Birthday Brendan!!!  

His birthday this year, was celebrated quite differently.  We went over for supper on the night before his bday with G & G Geerlings.  He pick Braun Steakhouse because that particular night there was a fundraiser for the YAK team that's going to Guatemala in the Spring and he wanted to help them out.   He was quite surprised when he got a ipod touch for his gift...He was super excited!!!

On his actual birthday, we celebrated with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a Oreo ice cream pie for dessert instead of cake. A boy after his dad's own heart.  

Then the celebration continued the following Saturday when he spent the day with G & G VanDam.  They took him to Crazy Horse for lunch and then shopping for his gift.  He spent the rest of the afternoon with grandpa out in the woods.  Ending the day with dinner with us at Logan's

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"I told you not to do that!!!"

Those are the word you never want to hear from your spouse.  This past weekend, Mike moved the travel trailer to it's winter location.  That night he told me he had moved it and then told me NOT to back into it.  Well, I did exactly that.  I was going to run a few errand, as I was backing out of the garage I quickly called Mike to see where I could put some cookies from a cookie exchange (I didn't want them in the house because then I would eat them.)  As he was saying hello, I had a crack and looked in the rear view mirror and saw the hitch from our 5th wheel trailer in the back of the van.  Not a good way to start my day!!!