Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas very busy - 
filled with friends, family, food and gifts.  
The boys were spoiled. 
 We spent lots of time with family.
We went Christmas Caroling with friends.
We feel so blessed.

RC cars,
 more books,

and more books
Detroit Tigers tshirt
movies, opened by the wrong person
more RC cars
and one very surprise boy....
who got his very own Red Ryder.
Red Wings tshirt
stockings filled with candy, chapstick, lotion, pencils, an ornament, and much more
new pj pant and DCS shirts,
and crazy socks for wacky sock day at school
presents from the brothers
more stockings
flashlights for dad
and a red dinosaur for Mike
and last but not least a pic of me (because I'm trying harder to put myself in posts)