Sunday, November 30, 2008

another one bites the dust

....another tooth that is

Brendan was a little bored this afternoon, so whatever is there to do but pulled out another tooth. I think that's all the loose teeth for on.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pulling Teeth

Before I left last week I noticed that Brendan's premanent teeth were starting to come up behind his baby teeth on the bottom. The baby teeth were loose so I thought first sure that Brendan would have lost a few teeth while I was gone. But nope, I came back to Brendan and all his teeth still in his mouth. I was a little worried though because the permanent teeth were showing more. So after getting some advise, I took Brendan this morning that he needed to start wiggling his teeth as much as possible. He started wiggling the teeth, then he even tried eating an apple, that didn't do much.

This afternoon, Brendan came out of the bathroom, upset and with a bit of blood in his mouth. You see his newly lost tooth had gone down the sink drain. He wanted that tooth so bad, that he "twisted" his dad's arm into taking the drain apart to get the tooth. They found the tooth!!!

It wasn't until he called Grandma and told her about the whole ordeal that I found it that he wrapped a piece of tooth string (dental floss) around it and pulled in out. I guess he really wanted that tooth out.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This year being thankful has a whole new means. I have always been thankful before too but after being in a third world country I realized I take so much for granted. I am now thankful for more simple things .

I am thankful for a wonderful God who has given us so much
I am thankful for a wonderful Husband for loves me unconditional
I am thankful for our for handsome boys, who are the joys of my live.
I am thankful for parents and in-laws who are God-fearing and have a great love for Jesus.
I am thankful for a great church, where we can go to worship God without worrying others may harm us.
I am thankful for good health in our family
I am thankful for clothes and especially shoes
I am thankful for a house with insulation to keep the cold out in the winter.
I am thankful for friends who are always willing to lend a helping hand, or be there when we need to laugh.

I could go on and on, but I need to stop so I can get the kids ready for church (connor's got green 11 so I need to stay home with him). But I just ask that you a moment to thank God so everything you are thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guatemala Day 5 - VBS and Sewing (shocker, there)

Today we went back to Casa De Paz for another day of VBS. Erica, the lady who runs this place was so grateful for us coming again today. We had about 65 kids come, Jenny read a Story about the lost Sheep. We were lucky to have a translator today, so it made things a bit easier. We made sheep puppets with the kids. The kids were so polite and thankful for everything. We even did snacks for the kids today, cookies, marshmellows and juice.

After VBS we went back to the mission house for lunch and then I was asked to make curtains for the seminary office. I didn't even get away from the sewing machine here. :O) It took much longer than I thought it would. I only got 3/4 of the way finished and will need to finish up sometime yet before we leave. There are so many things I would like to do yet on the trip...I wish I could do more here. There is so much need and I don't feel like I have even made a dent.
This was tonight's sunset, it was so much pretty in person.
I will leave you with a prayer request. Erica and her family who runs Casa de Paz, are doing this completely on their own with nothing financial support. Every day they have 15 extra children at their house. They takes care of these kids daily needs, trying to school them and she doesn't get help from the parents ever. Basically it's free daycare. Please pray that God will bless their minstry and that their needs will be taken care of. They are doing much a good thing for their neighborhood. There is so much need and not much help.
Until tomorrow.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Guatemala Day 4 - building houses and Block Party

Today we went back to the same place (Aloga Tunino) we were on Wednesday. We needed to build 5 more houses and finish 2 others. So a couple crews went to the houses, a couple small crews finished up on a few houses that need a few things done on them yet from Wednesday. Others went to do concrete. I went with a building crew; today was "Day of the Women" We were suppose to build the house with the help of the men. We just about finished up on the houses today, some will need to go back and do some more work.

Pastor Teddie sporting a green S for Michigan State and a blue/orange AU for Auburn University.

Little Claudia - she was the little girl at the first house we worked at today. So Cute!!!

Claudia's mom making corn tortillas

Working of the house.

BLOCK PARTY: this afternoon we got to have some fun with the village people. People from Casa brought in an inflatable Bouncy Gym, carnvial games, a clown and other stuff. After a few hours of music, handing out tons of candy and toys, painting faces and hands, and lots of laughter, Pastor Max shared with the people about Jesus. It was so moving and an awesome experince to be able to witness and pray with the villagers. It was very moving and brought me to tears a few times today. They have so little, and yet they are so happy.

Carnival Games
Enjoying Cotton Candy
Inflatable bouncy gym - at first the kids wanted nothing to do with it, but soon they were having a blast.A picture of people raising their hands if they knew Jesus

the steam coming from the volcano
Mission House

Morning Devotions.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guatemala Day 3 - VBS and painting

Today we were busy with VBS at Casa de Paz. When we first got there....I'm not sure there was....
when we arrived, it doesn't seem like they were planning on us, so there were only 15 little kids (5 and younger.) But it didn't take long and we soon had close to 70 kids who came to hear a Bible story and craft time. There was a little language problem; we didn't speak spanish and they didn't speak any English.
Pastor Max telling the story of Noah and the Ark

After Lunch we went to the seminary and helped others with the painting. The colors were quite a surprise...think of mint chocolate chip ice cream and and Barney and those were the two color the house was painted.

After painting, we piled 11 people into a pick up and went back to the mission house. That was quite the site.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guatelmala Day 2 - work day

today was a great day of work. we spent an hour in the van driving on the bumpiest, and steepest roads I have ever seen. We spent the day build little houses made of tin. What an experience!!!!

some of the locals
the roads were too steep for the van so everyone had to get out and the guys had to push the van up the hill.
the view from the mission housemy first concrete job. making my dad proud.
sorry there's not made info right now, but it's getting late and I need to get up around 5:00 so it's time for bed. There will be more to come.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Making Cookies

Seeing how Brendan didn't have school today, we took a trip to Grandma's house and making Christmas cookies. Morgan, Aunt Kelli and Dylan also joined us there. Grandpa was home to this morning, the fields were too wet for him to keep cropping. Making the cookies this morning definitely got me into the Christmas spirit. I even started my Christmas shopping today.
Brendan patting the dough flat
Lucas practicing the roller pin by rolling it up and down his tummy.

a sampling of the cookies

Austin cutting out cookies
Even Connor got into this year. And he did a great job.

Which cookie cutter do I use this time????
Cousin Morgan with her cookie dough

"I can do it, grandpa"
Lucas shaking the flour off his hands

What a mess!!!!