Friday, November 21, 2008

Guatemala Day 4 - building houses and Block Party

Today we went back to the same place (Aloga Tunino) we were on Wednesday. We needed to build 5 more houses and finish 2 others. So a couple crews went to the houses, a couple small crews finished up on a few houses that need a few things done on them yet from Wednesday. Others went to do concrete. I went with a building crew; today was "Day of the Women" We were suppose to build the house with the help of the men. We just about finished up on the houses today, some will need to go back and do some more work.

Pastor Teddie sporting a green S for Michigan State and a blue/orange AU for Auburn University.

Little Claudia - she was the little girl at the first house we worked at today. So Cute!!!

Claudia's mom making corn tortillas

Working of the house.

BLOCK PARTY: this afternoon we got to have some fun with the village people. People from Casa brought in an inflatable Bouncy Gym, carnvial games, a clown and other stuff. After a few hours of music, handing out tons of candy and toys, painting faces and hands, and lots of laughter, Pastor Max shared with the people about Jesus. It was so moving and an awesome experince to be able to witness and pray with the villagers. It was very moving and brought me to tears a few times today. They have so little, and yet they are so happy.

Carnival Games
Enjoying Cotton Candy
Inflatable bouncy gym - at first the kids wanted nothing to do with it, but soon they were having a blast.A picture of people raising their hands if they knew Jesus

the steam coming from the volcano
Mission House

Morning Devotions.