Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pulling Teeth

Before I left last week I noticed that Brendan's premanent teeth were starting to come up behind his baby teeth on the bottom. The baby teeth were loose so I thought first sure that Brendan would have lost a few teeth while I was gone. But nope, I came back to Brendan and all his teeth still in his mouth. I was a little worried though because the permanent teeth were showing more. So after getting some advise, I took Brendan this morning that he needed to start wiggling his teeth as much as possible. He started wiggling the teeth, then he even tried eating an apple, that didn't do much.

This afternoon, Brendan came out of the bathroom, upset and with a bit of blood in his mouth. You see his newly lost tooth had gone down the sink drain. He wanted that tooth so bad, that he "twisted" his dad's arm into taking the drain apart to get the tooth. They found the tooth!!!

It wasn't until he called Grandma and told her about the whole ordeal that I found it that he wrapped a piece of tooth string (dental floss) around it and pulled in out. I guess he really wanted that tooth out.