Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black or White?

Which one will help hide dirty better?   

That is my question for you today. Let me explain...a few years back my wonderful husband help me with another one of my many projects; 

turning a ordinary closet (usually the doors were never shut) 

into a locker/cubby  system for the boys' stuff

and it works great...for the most part.  YES this picture was taken this morning and YES  it's a mess (I haven't figured out how to keep it clean without me doing it ...yet)  and really that's no the biggest problem is DIRT!!!  It's always looks dirty and I can't keep up or maybe I just to lazy to keep up when instead I can just close the door and not see it. (the closet is inside my laundry room)

That all being said,  I'm back to my question again...(either way I need to paint it again). 

 Do I paint it White or Black?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last week, my mom asked me to do another "project" for her.  You see my mom and a few other ladies at her church are mentors for a Apples of Gold class; and she needed me to make up some bookmarks for the ladies in the in the class.  I thought this was worth posting for all you to see.  Enjoy your day!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

someone got new pjs

Connor is loving his new pjs that I made for him last week...I think he's worn them every day for the past week.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Fun

What a gorgeous day we had today here in Michigan. I forgot how much the sunshine does for a person. I started the day by going to Holland and as I was driving I was so amazed how the trees was almost if God was getting ready for a big party by sprinkling the tree tops with glitter.  There was lots of sparkles out there this morning and I loved it.

After I got home I had to kick the boys outside, for some reason they thought is was okay to sit inside playing Wii all day...NOT!!!!  We had so much fun outside.  The boys on the quad or sled, Mike making sure no one got hurt, and me with my camera.

Before Connor's ride on the sled...

after his ride.

Lucas and Brendan behind the wheel

and then it was Austin's turn...
and off he went.

Brendan giving Connor a ride for his money.  Connor just hung on for dear life and loved it!!!

Lucas getting ready for a ride

Finally Connor got to drive...Watch out, World!!!!

He really needs to work on his driving...I don't think doing donuts is acceptable driving.
Mike...enough said.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 365 Project

 I've been seeing tons of amazing photo books online lately and I really wanted to try it out for myself so without farther ado I have started another blog...yes one more blog.  I am really hoping I can keep it up and get tons of fun photos and next year at this time I will have a fun book to look back at.  Enjoy!!!

Here's today's photo...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Barothy Lodge

This year for a Christmas gift, my parent took the whole family (12 adults & 11 kids) to Barothy Lodge near Baldwin, MI  for a few days. 

 This was the log home that we stayed in.  It had 9.5 beds and 4 bathrooms. Everyone except two of my boys slept in a bed.
another view of the log home we were in.
the home was right on the Pere Marquette River.

We had lots of fun as a family sledding down a hill right by the home, playing games in the evenings and just hanging out .

My brother and Brendan hanging out on  some huge log beams

me and my boys

dad pushing some of my nieces down the hill

Connor with his "popsicle"
The outside of the log home facing the river
 inside the great room
 the "half bedroom" basically it was a small sitting area upstairs where we did a puzzle

Mom and Dad

Thanks Dad and Mom (grandpa and grandma) for a wonderful time.  We had lots of fun and have many great memories for those couple days.