Saturday, January 1, 2011

HIghlights of Christmas 2010

 Austin , Lucas and me with the presents they so proudly made for me.

 Lucas and dad, with his gift to dad, a new hat and socks

 The boys opening stockings at home.

 Connor and his very own life-size Tembo

 ready to open stockings at G & G VanDam's...

 but Trevin wanted nothing to do with it.

 new wii games

 Connor was super excited to this, but it didn't last long when Austin threw it across the room the next morning and it broke....they just don't make toys like they use to.

 Austin and Lucas ready to rip open their gifts, but mom needed a picture first.

 Brendan with his new legos.

 Connor is overjoyed to get new rain boots...he wears them every day

The "best Christmas present ever" from G & G Geerlings and mom & dad.  It's already been stuck in the corn field a  few times.

What a great Christmas it was.