Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black or White?

Which one will help hide dirty better?   

That is my question for you today. Let me explain...a few years back my wonderful husband help me with another one of my many projects; 

turning a ordinary closet (usually the doors were never shut) 

into a locker/cubby  system for the boys' stuff

and it works great...for the most part.  YES this picture was taken this morning and YES  it's a mess (I haven't figured out how to keep it clean without me doing it ...yet)  and really that's no the biggest problem is DIRT!!!  It's always looks dirty and I can't keep up or maybe I just to lazy to keep up when instead I can just close the door and not see it. (the closet is inside my laundry room)

That all being said,  I'm back to my question again...(either way I need to paint it again). 

 Do I paint it White or Black?