Sunday, May 30, 2010

veggie tales growing kit

Last week, my mom and I stopped by the greenhouse with Connor in tow.  He was incredible helpful picking out flowers, telling me which one he thought we needed.  As we were about ready to leave, I quickly skimmed over the clearance, and found this very fade box marked 40 % off.  
I grabbed it thinking that Connor would have a great time planting, over watering the seeds and watching them grow into some flowers.


Sure enough, I need seen a kid sooooo excited about throwing a few seeds into a pail.
showing mommy the cool veggie tale pail
pouring the dirt in the pail

watering the dirt before putting seed in it.
mixing the dirt and water up with his hands - nothings more fun than playing in some wet dirt, right?
showing mommy the seed he's growing to plant
checking out the seeds
gently dumping the seeds into the pail

it's take lots of concentration.
patting the dirt over the seeds
"mommy, look at my dirty fingers!!!"

Now we wait for the seeds to sprout...I hope that they actually do sprout, between the over watering and draggin' the pail around the yard, only time will time.