Saturday, May 22, 2010

OD on Kool-Aid

This is what I pulled out of the garbage can the other morning. Yes, they were all empty. No I didn't make 6 bottles of  Kool-Aid.  With only one kid at home I knew who the corrupt was....Connor

Of course at first he denied he had any involvement, but a mom always know the truth.  I made him go get his water bottle  and he came back in the kitchen with a small 10 oz bottle that was very red.

as I looked farther into the kitchen, I noticed that all the red powdery mix didn't make it into the bottle, and if you have ever made Kool-Aid, you know that it  will stain  your hands quite quickly.  Connors feet had a similar red stains on's that evidence?  Do I have enough to charge him for the crime without a confession (can you tell that I've been watching Law & Order today? )

After getting everything cleaned up - mainly the floor and his feet.  I decided to unscrew the top and take a smell of the sugary goodness that was inside this little water bottle.  WOW~!~  was I taken back, that was some strong stuff.  I would think that this sludge filled bottle would give anyone a high that would last for days.

But of course how could I got mad with a face like this looking up at me, with it's red stained tongue.    
A smile always makes everything better, right?!?!?!