Monday, May 24, 2010

Must-Have Mondays

So I know that we all have our own way of keeping our schedules and the schedules of all our kids straight.  It's a school meeting or program one night, it's soccer or baseball games anothernight, it's piano lessons, swiming lessons, or an important night out with friends - really too many things to keep track, I know for me, I have forgotten something a time or two. 

 I don't do good at writing on a calendar and I would tend to keep my calendar in my head and that worked when there was just my schedule and the few things that Mike had going on, but now I need something more, something I could access frequently from anywhere.   I admit I spend a lot of time of the computer(many too much at times), so if I could find something to track our schedules on the computer that would be great. If I could have access on my cellphone, well, that's even better yet.  and guess what...I found something will do all that and it's free...  Yes that's right it's FREE!!!!

It's  I came across this scheduler's dream, while I was uploaded some pictures to Parent Magazine's front cover baby contest.  I knew that my baby was the cutest (of course us moms are always basis towards our own kiddos)  and I just had to upload a picture or two, to see if by any chance Parent Magazine would agree with me.  I guess not, cause I never heard back from them, but that's enough about that.  While I was on there website I saw an ad the Cozi and clicked on it.  It's the best!!!  

I can schedule everyone's things on one calendar and have everything color coded.  Plus you can make out your shopping lists, your to do list and it will email them or text them to you or your honey as a gentle reminder about the honey to do list.  

Each Sunday Mike & I receive an email about the upcoming week's activities, so now hoping I won't be forgetting any important gathering with friends. :)  I can check and update our schedule from my blackberry too, and for those of you who have a iphone...there's a Cozi app.

You need to check it out.  I love it and there's so much more that I haven't even wrote about, it's great!!!

And there you have it, that's my Must Have for this Monday.  
Enjoy your week!!!!  It's going to be a hot one here in Michigan. :)