Monday, October 6, 2008

Become a Prayer Warrior with me.

Since I started using google reader (which I love!!!!) there have been a number of blogs that have been reccomended to me. Some of them I quickly glance over and never think about again and others I have subscribed to and keep updated on even though I don't know the people.

Here's one that has touched my heart and I am asking each of you to say lots of extra prayers today and in the future for this family.

A quick overview of the's a pregnant couple(Spencer & Stacy) who found out around week 16 that their little boy was some problems including omphalocele, which is a umbilical/abdominal hernia (his intestine and liver have been growing outside of his body) and cysitc hygroma.

So anyway they will be having a c-section tommorrow and there are so many unanswered questions for them. Please prayer for this couple, that they will have a sense of peace and comfort. Please prayer for the doctors, nurses and other medical staff, that they will know the right course of action to take on Little Isaac's behalf. I know that God can still work a miracle.

If you want to read their story, click here. You will truly be touch.