Thursday, October 9, 2008

caught red handed.....literally

I am being eaten out of my house.

I have found ice cream bar wrappers hidden in the cabinets under the sink in the boy's bathroom. I think there was a total of 10 wrappers before I discovered it.
I have had whole boxes of Fruit Snack completely missing...2 in one day!!!!
I find the boys outside chugging down cans of Hawaiian Punch and Pop....and freeze pops, I find those wrappers all over the yard
I never have church candy for Sundays and that stored on the highest shelf in my dishes cabinet.
They have even got so far as to take a couple bites of every apple in a new bag of apples. I know that's healthy but seriously who wants to take a bite into an apple that has a huge brown spot on it.

You would think I never feed my kids with all the food that goes missing and the number of times I get asked in a day "Is it lunch/snack time yet?" The Solution... put a lock on every food cabinet and the refridgerator.....that right, the fridge. And I do feed them, honestly.

As you can see from the pictures Austin has gone so far as to eat a packet of Kool Aid powder, you know the stuff you mix in a bottle of water. The stuff completely stained his hands, unfortunately the camera doesn't show them as red as they were.

Any ideas of what I can be to get food off the minds of my children??????