Saturday, October 18, 2008

Park Party

This past Saturday, October 18, Ross and Karin invited us to the Forsgren's family park for some food, fun, and fellowship. It was a beautiful day, great for the kids to play and run around.

We had a great potluck of sorts with burgers and hotdogs. The food was all so delicious.

The night was event filled with a hayride, and a candy hunt, instead of the pinata we had last year. (We didn't want anyone getting hit in the face again from the bat. Brendan sported a large bump on his head from it for a while.) Of course the night couldn't have been complete with out a bonfire and marshmellows, which I think more marshmellows were eaten straight for the package than those that got roasted on a stick. Either way it was great to have friends and family together.

Thanks Ross and Karin!!!!

The boys enjoying their hotdogs, cheese curls, and watermelon.

Elliot going down the slide.
Connor loving his ride on the teeter totter
Alaina and Elliot on the swings
Seth on the swings (sorry the picture's so fuzzy)
Clay showing off his big smile

Lucas riding the seesaw
Austin goofing off on the seesaw.
Connor making his way to the top of the slideThe slide was too fast for Connor, as he's about to do a face plant in the grass.
Ethan climbing to the top of the slide

Ross and EthanKathy with Alaina and SethMike and Connor

Lucas waving bye to me as he leaves on the hayride.