Friday, October 10, 2008

Field Trip to Moelker's Orchard

On Thursday Brendan's 1st grade class went to Moelker's Orchard for a field trip. I got to go along. The kids learn how to tell which type of fruit tree was which by the size of the leaf. They saw apple, peach, pear, plum and cherry trees. Then the kids learned how they pick apples on the orchard, how the bags are soft so that the apples don't get damaged and that the bag of the apple pickers bag has a hole in it so they can gently put the apples in the big wooden boxes, which by the way hold 18 bushels of apples.

Brendan and his buddy, Austin Jelsma following the path through the orchard.
Mrs Moelker explained the different types of leaves to the kids.
Mrs Moelker explaining to the kids how to pick apples from the trees, and that a new apple or next year is already beginning to developing from where the apple was just picked
Brendan was disappointed that they couldn't pick a apple from the tree, but at least they each got an apple for eating. Yummy!!!!

Brendan in the apple cooler, which was 32 degrees cold.
Faith playing some of the games they had there for the kids.
Brendan enjoying his sack lunch and apple cider.

Class Picture