Monday, March 31, 2008

Plan B

This past Saturday we had big plan to take the 3 oldest to a Griffin's hockey game. They had expressed interest in the hockey game after Mike and I went to a Red Wing's game a few week ago. Mike and I had five tickets that weren't for any game in particular so we thought we could go to the ticket counter before the game and get some tickets. Well.....we got to the arena on Saturday and the game was sold out. Now the question, how do you tell three boys ages 6, 4, and 4 that the tickets are sold out and we can't got to the game. AND how do you get rid of the feeling that you just throw a 10 dollar bill down the drain for parking?

Plan B needed to take affect on Satuday night.....Chuck E Cheese. Yes, Mike traded in his night of hockey for a family night at Chuck E Cheese.

I can't say that my boys were really into the games. They liked the rides. The twins pretty much liked two games...the egg counter game and the excavator game, which I would sum up as a slot machine. Brendan liked a few more games, but I think may be it's the age different.