Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping: Boat Rides and Tubing

This past week, we joined my in-laws camping at Gun Lake. Grandpa's boss has a cottage at Gun Lake and seeing how it wasn't there this week, Grandpa was able to use his pontoon boat.  The boys were so excited to ride of the boat,  but Grandpa's surprise made it even better.  He was able to use the boss's tube as well and pulled the boys and Morgan (and later Dylan) around the lake.

the boys and Morgan goofy off with Grandpa Leon

Connor was excited for the boat ride

Connor fighting off the pirates with his water gun.

Austin and Luc looking cool with their shades.

Brendan waiting patiently for his turn on the tube.

Uncle Ryan and Morgan

Austin, Connor, and Lucas

Austin, Morgan and Brendan

Austin on the second day tubing

Smiley Luc

Dylan and Connor after their ride on the tube. (Kelli went with them)

He looks so innocent....

their last ride on the tube...the majority of the ride they were huddled inside the tube and it looked like Grandpa was pulling an empty tube around.  Good Times. :)

Thanks Grandpa!!!!  (and grandpa's boss)

more posts to come on our camping trip.