Monday, July 5, 2010

Parade, Sparklers, Friends & lots of Fireworks

It's been a busy, but fun weekend. We started by attending the Caledonia Parade on Saturday morning.  The boys are I had tons of fun, got tons of candy, t-shirts, bottles, and lots of flyers from different VBSs and locate  government people running for varies offices.  Next year I will need to come prepared with bags for each of the boys to put their own stuff in.

impatiently waiting for the parade

the parade had just started (1/2mile down the road)  and Luc was already covering his ears.

After the parade we spent the afternoon home doing a variety of things.  I was texting with Michelle about when her dad's firework were...not expecting to go, but just to fill Mike's curiosity.  When she texted back that we were welcome to come to the cottage and see them.  Thanks again for inviting us, we had a wonderful time.

When fast forward to last night, G-pa Hopkins gave all the kids at his fireworks, a goodie bag filled with more fireworks.  So Mike and the boys had fun with those last night

The boys perched up in the treeless treehouse, while Mike lite some more dangerous ones

 and there's more to coming, tonight we are heading out to see more fireworks.  What a FUN weekend it's been!!!