Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Photo Op #2 & #3 - crafts and frog hunting + Sneak Peak

Yesterday, the boys needed someone over or something to do, so that they would stop asking me "where are we going today?"  Well we did both.  Nat and the kids came over for a couple hours and there was a calm atmosphere around our house.  They started the play date trying to catch frogs and fish; they even saw a snake.  After some time they came in the house looking to play wii...WHAT?!?!?!  So I pulled out some paint and brushes and a bunch of $1.99 model building cars and planes.

Connor's beautiful paint job...I think he has a future in painting cars...LOL!!!


Brendan and Austin J spent the most time at the painting...

the rest of the kids preferred the frog hunting.


Here are the finished models...the boys needed lots of patience waiting for the glue to dry.  I wondering how long it will be before they are destroyed. 
Luc's plane

Austin's plane

Brendan's bomber plane

Connor's car

Finally, here's a sneak peak of the latest project that I have going.