Tuesday, February 8, 2011

so proud

A few of you already know about a month I started going to weight watchers meetings.  The day that worked best for me was Wednesday, but that also means that Connor has to come with me cause he's not in school.  To keep him entertained during the meeting he's been taking his leapster with and it works really well especially now that I got him his own headphones.

After the second meeting, Connor thought his leapster was dirty and decided to wash it.  Which in itself wasn't a bad idea, except in the mind of a four year old, washing something means getting the sink full of soapy water and putting the leapster into that sink.   Well that also meant that this mommy had to drop a few coins to get him another one.  and with a new leapster came the idea for this very handsome messenger style bag to put it in.

Connor LOVES it, to say the least.  He didn't let it go for the first few days.  He still is so proud of this little bag and the fact that he got to pick out the guitar fabric.