Thursday, May 8, 2008

Star of the Week

Brendan was the last kid in his kindergarten class to be "Star of the Week". He was so excited to being home the "homework" so that the whole class could know more about him.

His Favorite Foods: Oreos, Milk, Pizza, Chez-it's, and Green Beans

His least favorite Food: Broccoli

His Favorite things to do: Ride his bike, Run, Talk Fast, & Soccer

Things that make him Happy: School & Summer

Things that make him sad: When he's sick, & When he can't go to school

Favorite color: Red
Favorite Tv Show: How it's Made
Favorit Bible Story: When Jesus dies on the cross
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorit Book: Bible

This morning I had to go to the classroom and read a story to the kids and bring a snack that started with the Letter of the Week, "w".
Brendan had picked out the book "How do Dinosaurs eat their Food?" The kids really seemedto like that book and then for a snack I made and decorated cookies that looked like watermelons. The other boys (austin, lucas and & connor) thought it was fun going to Brendan's class.

Mom and Dad are so proud of you, Brendan.