Friday, April 18, 2008

Introducing Brendan

1. What is your name: Brendan Michael Van Dam
2. When is your birthday? December 9
3. What year were you born in? 2001 (I don't know who taught him that, but he's right.)
4. What pet would you like to have someday when you are really old and you can take care of it and pay for it and mommy doesn't have to do a thing with it? Rat (WHAT????? Why does he want to give his mommy the chills, I may never sleep the same.)
5. What is your favorite food? Broccoli…or wait a minute, pizza
6. What is your job going to be when you get older? Maybe, a Policeman in case there were bad guys. (what happened to his plans to be a preacher on the weekends and a principle during the week.)
7. How much money will you make doing that? 24.00
8. Where would you like to go on your honeymoon for a vacation? Texas, so we can catch cows and ride horses
9. Who is your favorite brother? Connor (I think is because Connor's the only one who doesn't fight with him.)
10. What is one thing daddy has, that you want when you are a daddy? A truck to drive to the police station.
11. What is on thing mommy has, that you want someday? Hmmmm, that’s a hard one. (I guess, I have nothing a 6yr old wants.)
12. What are your favorite clothes? Soccer clothes (I think that’s because he’s so excited about soccer practice tonight.)

14. Do you like Legos or Geo-Trax Train? legos
15. What is your favorite restaurant? Chuck E Cheese, becuase they have my favorite (he's never eating pizza there.)
16. What is your favorite movie? Grand Champion
17. If you had to choose, would you rather have to lose a leg or an arm? Nothing (as he giggles)
18. Would you rather walk down the sidewalk with a dog or an old lady? dog (I guess I'm not of luck when I get older.)
19. If mommy and daddy didn't name you Brendan, what do you wish your name would have been? Fast Man
20. What is your favorite thing about your teacher? She’s nice
21. What is your favorite thing about being a boy? That sometimes I can help people.