Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Day Boredom

Okay so the continuous snow days are starting to drive me up the wall. The boys are definitely in need of some activities away from home....maybe Grandma's house??? Here's a list of things we have done while being forced to stay home by the snow.

1. watch tv. the tv seems like it is always on, I think the boys have just about every espiode of Go Diego Go and Dora the Explorer memorized. Even Connor walks around the house saying "GO GO GO"

2. fight. I can't tell you how many fight I have had to break up. It always seems that everyone wants the same toy at the same time. Sometimes I wish I had four of every toys so that everyone had their own. Or we fight about what tv program we are watching. One wants to watch Curious George, other Handy Mandy and still another Diego. All at the same time, it's NOT possible!!!

3. coloring. The twins had gotten into coloring later, which is great!!! They were so excited when I bought them new coloring pads. BUT the coloring didn't start and finish on the's on their bedroom walls, the toyroom walls, windows and even my kitchen floor. All it takes is one crayon and the house is complete redecorated. Maybe I should just give them each a paint brush....on second thought, no.

4. more tv. Mike and I want to know why our oldest, age 6 loves to watch BabyFirst TV. It's a channel that you need to pay an extra $5.00/month to get, but this past weekend it was a free preview weekend. According to Directv "BabyFirstTV is America's first and only channel dedicated to babies and designed to nurture important skills from language to math to music." It's for babies not 6 year olds.

5. run. I think the boys only have one speed: running. Run here, Run there, Run upstairs, Run down the stairs. And when they are running upstairs, it sounds like a herd of elephants had invaded our house.

5. eat. Okay I must confess I am sick of making lunches. Every day at noon I open the fridge door and stare into the fridge trying to come up with something different for lunch. I can't. You may say 'lunches are easy, it's PB & J or ham and cheese.' My kids don't like either. And if I ask them it would be pizza for every meal.

6. take pictures. getting my camera out can mean one of two things. Either I will have kids that are crying because mom wants to take pictures and they don't or I will get a few great pics. Today Austin was walking around the house with sunglasses on and for some reason I picked out a Carribean themed shirt for Connor. Wishful thinking I guess, hoping that maybe it would bring some sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Please let there be school tomorrow!!!!!