Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay, so who dropped this off?

When I was younger, from time to time, we would get the occasional dog or cat dropped off at the farm. I guess someone was sick of taking care of their family pet, or maybe the family pet was expecting and they didn't want all the extra trouble. So they would drive a good number of miles away from least far enough way so the pet couldn't remember how to get home, drop off the animal, and return home with no animal.

Today, Brendan showed me the newest animal that "showed up" around our farm. A Turtle. How did this turtle find our oasis? As slow as turtles are, it must have taken days to get from the road to our pond. We promise to not harm him or her....but I hope it's a good hunter, we don't feed our fish either. They have to hunt for their own food too.