Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween isn't a huge thing at our house. We don't really have tons of neighbors, so we didn't have any trick or treaters, at least what we know of... we weren't really home for them either.  But we did have some fun at our church's hullabaloo.  There were so many things for the kids to do - decorate pumpkin cookies, go fishing for goldfish, gourd bowling, hay bale ring toss, lots of crafts, hayrides, horse rides, and pumpkin carving.  The kids had tons of fun, got lots of candy and wore Mike's patience very thin.

After the party at church, the boys and I headed over to G & G vd's so they could see the boys in their costumes and load them up on some more candy.

Austin and Lucas as Lego Men, Connor aka Dr. Buttons, and Brendan as a wild Indian

Today's little moments become Tomorrow's precious memories.

Again this year we tried to capture a picture of all the kiddos from church.  I just have to laugh at this picture - Brendan looks like he's ready to attack Chase.  KK is laughing his head off.  Connor didn't look forward  for any of the pcitures and I think I took about 20 frames.  Nicholas was hiding behind Dewey on most of the pictures and Stella can't really see anything.  Good Times!!!!