Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Brendan

Another year has gone by, making Brendan a year older.  He is now 8 year olds.  WOW!!!! 

And he didn't have a very great start to his's a snow day.  And most kids would be thrilled to stay home, watch TV and play with their toys, but not Brendan.  He LOVES school and it's his birthday.  Last night Mike and Brendan went to Krispy Kreme's for  his birthday treat...and now we have 3 dozen donuts sitting on the kitchen counter and 3 younger brothers who are drooling over them.

Enough said about that.  Brendan is a great kid!

He, for the most part, loves his brothers.  

He's got great friends - some of them are even girls!!!

He loves school and doesn't mind doing his homework 

He loves to read - right now his favorite is Magic Tree House

He gotten into Pokemon cards and anything to do with Pokemon.

He loves to play the Wii with his friends and with Mike. 

Brendan, we are so proud of you!!!  
We pray that God will continue to be at the center of your life. 
Happy Birthday!!!