Thursday, April 8, 2010

hunting eggs

Like many others, our boys participated in a egg hunt this past weekend at G & G Van Dam's house.  In the days leading about to Easter that's about all they talked about.


But  you and I know that's not what Easter's about, so I asked the boys what Easter is all about and here is their responses:

Brendan - It's about Jesus rising from the dead.

Austin - Jesus rose!!!

Lucas - yeah, He rose!!

Connor - I don't know (I guess I need to teach him so more)

and here's a little story that bought me to tears earlier this week.  At dinnertime, the boys all say their own prayers.  Sometimes they very short, and other times so long that the food starts to cool down.  They have all prayed about Ally and her pups for the past 2 weeks, and they've been praying that there will be no more earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.  But what melted my heart was when Lucas prayed,

 " and God, thank you for letting God die on the cross for me, and thank you for that Lord." 

 Sure he didn't have wording just right, but I think he gets it; and that's so comforting to me.