Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping with Small Group

Last week, we had a beautiful week for camping.  The weather was hot.  The company was amazing.  The kids were entertained by friends.  We were camping with our small group from church. 

the boys playing in the water waiting for their friends to arrive.

playing games at the picnic table

Sweet Stella

Connor with his big caught for the week.  The boys didn't have much luck catching any fish.  Between the fish being very smart and the boys putting their own worms on, we went through lots of the worms.  But the boys loved it.

One bummed out fisherman...he didn't catch any fish.

Friday morning the dads took all the kiddos except Ellery (she napped) out for a hike to Devil's soup bowl.

Spending time by the lake playing in the sand.  This was one of many holes dug in the sand.

WOW!!!  what a dirty face.

Crazy Brendan

We took all the kiddos to Sandy's for icecream on Saturday night.  We head all the boys line up for a picture...

and then the girls.  There's way more boys.

So there's just a few of my favorite pictures. I want to say thanks to the Jelsema's, Dieleman's, and Bird's for a wondering week.   I hope you all enjoyed the week as much as we did.