Friday, September 17, 2010

Monday nights for the next 5 weeks

There are so many new things that Connor is starting this year, and I'm beginning to learn that he is no longer my baby.  He's growing up and starting to do all the things that his brothers are doing and one of those things is AYSO soccer.  Seeing how Connor and the other kids on his team don't really know too much about soccer they are learning things like dribbling the ball down the field, kicking the ball into the goal and many other basics of the game.  

Connor loved the first part of the practice, but when they actually got to playing the game against another game, he decided it wasn't fun anymore...he wanted HIS ball.  Luckly for us, he wasn't the only boys who had a meltdown.  Hopefully next week will go better.

Mike and Connor having a heart to heart before the game.

Mr Z talked to the boys before they started practice.

practicing his dribbling

waiting for his turn on the field.