Sunday, November 28, 2010

101 things I am thankful for...

 1.  my best friend and husband, mike
 2.  our first born, brendan
 3.  our twins, austin and lucas
 4.  our baby, connor
 5.  our warm cozy house
 6.  our van
 7.  mike's job
 8.  my sewing
 9.  the food that God daily provides for us
10.  the bible
11.  our church
12.  my amazing girlfriends
13.  our outstanding small group
14.  my relationship with Jesus Christ
15.  Christmas and the born of my Savior
16.  my parents
17.  my in-laws
18.  freedom of religion
19.  laughter
20.  smiles
21.  tears
22.  prayers
23.  my four brothers
24.  my two brother in laws
25.  my 6 sister in laws
26.  my nephews and nieces
27.  the amazing school our boys attend...
28.  and their teachers
29.  Pastor Scott
30.  my babysitters
31.  the clothes we have to wear even when I feel like I have nothing to wear.
32.  the good friends my boys have.
33.  the school bus
34.  the phone, so I can call my mom almost daily
35.  sunshine
36.  for the healthy family we have
37.  forgiveness
38.  God's Unconditional Love
39.  clean water to drink
40.  a hot water heater
41.  our dog, even though she's a pain in the butt.
42. music
43. Sundays, the day of rest
44.  my grandparents...
45. and the Godly examples they are to me and our family
46.  our nightly supper devotions
47.  starbucks coffee
48.  flowers...tulips, sunflowers and daisies are my favorite
49.  pictures
50.  modern medicine
51.  the free country we live in
52.  vacations
53.  family memories
54.  quiet nights after a busy day
55.  the time spent reading with my young readers.
56.  playing games with the boys
57.  coloring books and the hours the boys spend coloring them
58.  the times when we success
59.  modern technology
60.  indoor bathrooms
61.   hugs & kisses
62.  a bed to sleep in
63.  the smell of fresh cut grass
64.  white snow
65.  Sunrises and Sunsets
66.  Comfort 
67.  Joy
68.  Books
69.  Jesus Christ dying on the cross and saving me from my sins
70.  old friend who have always been there
71.  the simple prayers my boys each and every day
72.  my boys' love for the Lord
73.  rainbows and God's promise that goes with it.
74.  Hope for a better tomorrow
75.  simple things
76.  Diet Pepsi
77.  Chocolate
78.  the ability to help others
79.  a listening ear
80. time spent as a family
81.  for a husband who will clean up the kids' puck
82.  children who love getting up for school
83.  birthday celebrations
84.  anniversaries
85.  unexpected gifts
86.  girl's night out
87.  date nights
88.  God's promise that he is always with us
89.  for all the people fighting for our country
90.  happiness
91.  kids that love each other...most of the time
92.  uncles and aunts
93.  cousins
94.  special days I get to spent just with my mom
95.  Love
96.  camp fires and smores
97.  being a stay at home mom
98.  the upcoming Holidays and the two much mini vacations the kids are looking forward to.
99.  $ for gas, as I went through 2 tanks in the past 3 days
100.  my husband's homemade cinnamon rolls, they always turn better than mine.
101.  and finally I am most thankful for a loving, caring GOD who loves me no matter how much I've screwed up.