Saturday, April 7, 2012

Barn Party with Friends

This has definitely been the birthday on many parties....5 if you're counting.  This past Wednesday was a pretty day for another party.  The weather was perfect - not too cold, not too hot.  The sun was shining and the sky was blue.  

I guess I started something when I had a birthday party for Brendan on his 8th bday with friends, so needless to say I had to do the same for the's what's fair, right?  Really who's keeping track, anyway.

After much debate about what to do for a birthday - do we have friends overnight, even how many friends, where to have the party.  It was decided that we would go just a couple miles down the road to Dairy Discovery at Swisslane Farms.  We have been there a few times for Neighborhood night and the boys love it so we decided that would be a fun place for the party.

We had a blast to say the least....a very dirty blast.   The kids all went home smelling like a farm and did I mention they were very dirty.
We started the party off with some of the best local pizza from Mike's Pizzeria.  If you live in Caledonia, Alto or Freeport, you NEED to try this pizza.  It's a good thing it's not next door because we would be eating a lot more pizza than we already do.

Throughout the entire party, there were different opportunities for the kids to play in a corn box...basically a sandbox filled with corn.  The boys were the ones the played in it mostly.  They threw corn at each other, they dumped corn on each other, they buried each other.

After the pizza, we got to feed the baby calves a snack. 

Then we went of a hayride around the farm.

then the kids even amused me and took a couple group shots.

then we eat, orange and yellow tie-dyed cupcakes.  They were so YUMMY!!!

then we petted the bunny and the goat

last but not least, the twins finally opened their gifts from all the friends...boy, were they spoiled.  They got lots of Legos which were all built within 30 minutes of being home, two kites, gift cards, pokemon cards, candy, stuff to do while we are camping, and so much many.  A big thanks from L & A for all the gifts!!!!
The party was a big success.  The twins had so much fun playing and hanging around with their friends. A BIG thanks for my mom and Shelly Kuipers who hanging around and help keep the kids under control...which really wasn't that hard.  This was a great groups of kids!!!!

Well, I think we are done partying for a while, so until the next birthday (which is mine, so there probably won't be any parties.) I will have to keep you updated with other things that are going on in our home improvement. :)  post coming soon....