Monday, August 20, 2012

more camping

We made it through another year of camping with the Jelsema's and Dieleman's.
 Good times were had by all!!!
So thankful for friends to do this with!!!

the crazy kids...

all 14 kiddos

the whole gang.

a family pic during our hike 

Connor making his way back out of the soup bowl.

Hiking to the Devil's Soup Bowl

all the kids before our hike....Juliet wanted nothing to do with a posed picture.

enjoying icecream with my youngest

Connor and Juliet playing on the beach

the cool dudes!!!

Mike napping in the shade

Connor and I playing nature bingo

Typical Austin face.

see Austin can smile!!!

waiting for the annual big breakfast

The older boys enjoying donuts for breakfast.

The super dads..need to get Danno one. :)