Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting Ready for School

For many of us moms, our kids are going to school soon...maybe this week...or the lucky ones, the week after Labor Day. Brendan is soooooo excited to start school. I think he needs some more challenging things to do instead of playing with or should I say bossing around his brothers.

This past Thurday night, after soccer practice got rained out, we headed to school for Brendan to drop off his school supplies and meet his teacher, Mrs. Wells one more time before the start of school.

I can't believe that Brendan is already starting school. Yes, he is my oldest and my first to go to school so it will be strange not having him around....but the house will be much more peaceful...and I think there will be alot less fighting.

Good luck to the teacher and students as they begin a new school year. God bless you all!!!!