Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Surprise was a Success

Last night was Mike's surprise 30th birthday party. I was able to keep the party a surprise even though I have to tell a few small lies to him.

I planned two party within 3 days; Mike's surprise party and Connor's 1st birthday party, so that it didn't seem strange that I was cleaning the house, trying to get extra things done around the house, and buying party supplies.

I do need to thank my dad for getting Mike away from the home on Saturday afternoon. He first had an idea to go golfing, but up ended up have Mike help out building a landscaping wall at my brother Brian's house. So after a long afternoon of working, Mike came home to a house full of people. I don't think he was so happy because he went right back outside. I followed him out to see what was wrong and found out that he had a headache. But after a shower and a little aspirin, he was feeling better.

He didn't have any idea!!!!! Of course he said looking back on the past few weeks, there were a few give aways, liking Cory and Lindsay leaving a message on my cell phone and I didn't get the message right away. But all and all I think it was a great night and alots of fun with our friends.

A few of our friend(Brent&Kerri, Tom&Brenda, Eric&Jami) made up this big giant birthday card for Mike with candy bars. Here's what it read:

There is a guy named , who is a , and has a of life. His throw him a party. With old age comes on the eyes, , and forgetfullness. Because of your old age, you may hear of from your friends. Don't (cry baby), because we've gathered for your special day. You may think we are , but we love you to pieces.

Some photos for his birthday. (will upload more tomorrow)