Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Roller Skating

This past Tuesday, DCS had a skating party and I decided it was time for the boys to start learning how to skate. I dropped Connor after with Mike and I headed to the akting rink with the other 3. I wasn't so sure how they would do. I thought Brendan would love it, Austin would be okay with it, and Luc would just keep saying "I can't." Boy was I wrong. Luc was so excited, he had a blast and even ventured out of the "big" rink with out me. Austin didn't really care rather he was skating or not, but he didn't complain. Then there was Brendan; I first got him some roller skates. He slowly made it around the rink once, falling a number of times. When he got back to where I was, he was in tears and wanted to go. I talked him into trying roller blades instead, and that did the trick. From that point on, he loved it.

All in all it was a good experience from all the boys. even I was on skates again (I don't think I have been on roller skates since middle school.) This morning, the twins were asking if we could go skating again today, so I think we will be skating again soon.