Thursday, April 2, 2009

Butt Cream or Finger Paint?

Well, my kids are at it again, this time it's Connor. Last night as I was ready to leave for choir practice, I need to quickly run upstairs and the next thing Mike heard was "CONNOR!!!!!!!" Of course, Mike came running and Connor starting crying from his room.
and then this conversation between Mike and Connor:
m; " Connor did you do this?"
c: "because."
m: "Connor, why did you do this?"
c: "because." (at least this way makes sense.)
m "Connor, you know you aren't suppose to touch this right?"
c: "because."
m: "You better go to your room."
and off Connor went into his room.
(I still have not figured out why he thinks the answer "because" works for all questions.)
That's when I really needed to go so I wasn't late. and I left Mike to clean it up. Thank You!!!!

(he had some nice 3-d effects going on)

So between this and the smash and splat mess, (broken jar of applesauce) and the three bowls of Frosted Flakes and milk thrown in the sink this morning(for no reason), there's really not much going on in our house. Please keep in mind that the same kid did all of these.
We will see what today brings.