Friday, May 8, 2009

Post Family Farms - Preschool Field Trip

On Thursday, Austin and Lucas had a field trip to Post Family Farms. It was the first field trip that the twins got to take a school bus. They were sooooo excited to ride the bus. I hope they like it as much when they have to ride it every day to school.

waiting to get on the bus.

the boys loved looking out side window on the bus.

The donuts at Post Family Farms are the best!!!!! They were homemade still a tad-bit warm, with a crunch to them and covered with glaze. YUM, so good.

The Farmer Bill Story
After the donuts, the kids listened to a story about Spring on Farmer Bill's Farm. They each got to help out with the story by putting different farm items on the story board.
The Straw Maze and Pumpkin Train
Next we ventured outside to the maze made out of roll straw bales and then had a ride on the Pumpkin Train.
While we were here, we tried to get a class picture. It's not so bad, just a bit dark.

Joy with Tembo.

Lucas and Joy

The Animals
After a fun ride on the pumpkin train, we got to see some animals, that's what farms are all about, right?

The kids getting instructions about the rabits
Petting the rabbits

The GreenHouse
Inside the Greenhouse, the kids got to plant a flower to take home for their moms.

the flowers
filling the "pots" with dirtthe final product, it's so bad. :O)
The HayRide
the last thing was a hayride. We had to put on our ISPY glasses to see if we could find mommy and daddy duck with their babies, a mommy and daddy geese with their babies, and the bee hive.

another group picture


Lucas and Mommy.

After Field Trip Ice Cream Stop
After we got back to school, we had to go to Grama's to pick up Connor. But first we stopped by the Village Dipper for some ice cream. The twins had superman ice cream - Yummy!!!!