Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding Bells are coming.

During the first week of school last fall, Brendan came home one day and proudly exclaimed that his teacher was going to get married. Then he explained that Mr. John had come to the class room and asked all the kids to help out when he asked Miss DeWeerd to marry him. How exciting it was for the class to be involved with this.

A couple of months ago a note came home from Miss DeWeerd asking if the kids would be interested in singing at their wedding. Again Brendan was filled with joy; he was going to sing at Miss DeWeerd and John's wedding!!!

then last week Saturday we got an invitation in the mail. Brendan got mail!!!! He was getting to go to Miss DeWeerd's Wedding and there are going to be a cupcake reception after the wedding....again super excited.

This all lead up to the really reason for the post. Yesterday we had a wedding shower at school for Miss DeWeerd. The kids played a game trying to guess what kitchen thing for in a bag. Miss DeWeerd opened gifts. We ate cake. We finished the party with each of the kids making part of a book for Miss DeWeerd and John about what ever good husband/wive must do.

Brendan is so excited for Miss DeWeerd and John's Wedding. Until then I hope that Miss DeWeerd can enjoy the rest of the school year and finish up on the last minute details of the wedding. Congrats!!!!