Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Quist

Last Friday night, Brendan and his class got the opportunity to sing in his teacher's wedding. It's been so exciting for theses kids to be so involved in the whole wedding thing; first helping out with the proposal, then the wedding shower, and finally the wedding.

We arrived at the church at 4:30 to practice. They sang "How Great is our God", and they did sooooo good. What a blessing Miss DeWeerd has been this year. Brendan has loved having her as his teacher; and he thinks it's so cool that they will be the only class that will know her as Miss DeWeerd instead of Mrs. Quist.

Congratulations Mrs. Quist!!!!!

The class

Miss DeWeerd and John watching the class singing.

Brendan getting a hug from Mrs. Quist.

There are tons more pictures, if you are interested in seeing them click here