Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zebra, Onyx and Lemurs, Oh MY!!!!

This past Thursday, I went on another field trip with Connor's preschool class.  We went to a farm that was just around the corner from our house.  This wasn't no ordinary farm with cows, horse, or pigs; no this farm had zebra, onyx, and lemurs.  What a fun place to go!!
When we first got there, we got to see these amazing zebras.  I would have to say that's my favorite part of the farm.  The owner feed the zebra some apples and they LOVED them.

Then we got to see the newest addition to their farm, the macaques.

Then we got on a wagon and took a ride through the rest of the farm.  We saw lots of different animals.

After the wagon ride, we saw some peacocks, reptiles, two huge tortoises and some lemurs, Connor even got to feed the lemurs some fruit loops.

 Next the kids got to see and touch some ostrich and emu eggs, it was interesting to see how thick the shells were.

Cleaning their hands before snack.

What  a great fall day for another field trip!!!